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Welcome to Goa Escape Vacation Rentals !


If you are looking for something a bit different during your stay in Goa take a look at what we have to offer .


Goa Escape offer a selection of some of the finest places to stay during your vacation in Goa, India

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Goa, being one of the smallest states in India with a land area over  3,700 sq km is located in the Western Ghats.


Goa is a tropical paradise with a blending of several cultures and styles from Indian and Iberian as well as a European influence with many central squares with Portuguese churches sharing their walls with Hindu temples and and Indian bazaars


In Goa Christianity and Hinduism exist side by side. Having been under Portuguese rule for over 450 years has meant that Goa still has a  distinctive European feel and flavor to it and still permeates all aspects of Goa's life including its religion, food, festivals, dances ,language and even peoples names.


Goa today attracts many tourists non only fellow Indians from outside Goa but also huge

numbers of tourists from every corner of the earth  wishing to visit Goa and relax for a few weeks.


Goa is truly a great place to escape to as more and more tourists discover each year this amazing piece of paradise and as a result there are many vacation rental properties now available catering for the increase in tourist numbers.


With it's amazing clean unspoiled beaches bathed by the warm waters of the Arabian Sea, cheap prices and amazing weather but besides all this Goa has so much more to offer the tourist with many historic old churches, monuments, temples and museums all well worth a visit Goa .


we offer all types of accommodation in Goa  including apartments - Goa self catering Apartments - Goa Vacation Rentals a selection of Goa Hostels as well as budget hotels, camp sites and more.



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